Interesting; Know why you must pray for your enemies


Matthew 5:44

[44]But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!

One difficult thing to do as a human being is to wish well for those who harm us or hurt us in some way. We’ll always wish that the worst of things happen to them. That they get heart broken just as they did to us. But wishing these things on them does not make us feel any better. It only makes us bitter and bitterness does not do as any good. We only feel better when we forgive them and wish the best for them. It’s a very difficult thing to do especially when you know these people show no remorse for what they’ve done and will even do more should they get the opportunity.

Jesus is admonishing us today to pray for the good of those who persecute us. We should also treat them well in response to the hate they give or show us. We hating on them doesn’t make us any different from them. We are not to follow the world’s standard of taking revenge on such people but we must pray that all may be well with them. We should pray that God touches their hearts to see the wrong their doing and change from them. We should pray for their salvation,that they’ll get to know Jesus. All these are forms of Evangelism. It’s not only our well wishers and friends that we should pray for but also our enemies.

It’s a hard thing to do but not impossible. Jesus on the cross prayed for the forgiveness of those who crucified Him. And as Jesus’ followers, we’re expected to do as much and more.

May the Holy Spirit be our help so we can love our enemies and pray for them too.


O Holy Spirit, give me the heart to love those who wish me harm and I pray O Lord that you’ll bless all my enemies and may this great salvation I have in you be their portion as well. Amen

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