Asana didn’t get a date on stage, but she gets to go on a date with her crush, DJ Faculty


Against all odds on Sunday, Asana, a contestant on Date Rush who lives with a disability found love in the arms of the show’s Disc Jockey, DJ Faculty.

The beautiful contestant who hails from the Upper West region said she lost her left leg after a gory accident.

Responding to a question by the host, Giovani, on why she was participating in the show, she said she decided to come on the hit reality show because it was “good for someone” in her position.

According to the beauty entrepreneur, dating as a woman living with a disability is an arduous process. However, she believed that trying her luck on national television could land her a man.

“It has not been easy but it’s okay. I think if I am able to get a date here I’ll go far. Because If someone chooses me on National Television then they might not be joking,” she revealed.

In her video submission, she also shared how her one-and-a-half-year relationship ended abruptly after she went to her hometown for some activities.

“I was in a relationship for one and half years and  everything was going on well, I returned to my hometown when I came back, he was with another lady,” she said

Julius, a contestant could not hide his admiration for her beautiful smile and pretty face.

“Giovanni, when she entered I couldn’t help but admire her beauty and perfect smile,” he pointed out.

Other contestants also agreed in unison to the submission.

Unfortunately, for various reasons, Asana could not leave the stage with a date for the night.  But in a shocking twist of events, DJ Faculty accepted her request to go on a date with her, smashing the hearts of all his female fans in the process.

Despite not landing a contestant, Asana left with DJ Faculty and 100 Ghana cedis worth of Airtel Tigo Money on the third episode of Date Rush season 9.

Several fans have applauded the producers of the show for their inclusivity and creating a platform for people living with disabilities to find love too.

Date Rush Season 9 airs on TV3 in Ghana every Sunday at 8 PM

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